Providing Perspective

Directly improve your bottom line by drawing on your employees’ natural strengths and abilities.


Create an environment fueled by teamwork and energy. A direct, yet light style of communication that clients find refreshing.

Results Driven

Producing dynamic and effective workforces by fortifying a company’s most powerful asset – its people.

Strengthening Connections

Identify and prepare future leaders to grow your organization.

Our Main Services

Our simple-to-implement and interactive training programs are designed to quickly transform a disjointed work team into one that is founded on cooperation, respect and cohesiveness.

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Providing Perspective.

Strengthening Connections.

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Latest Perspective

Why Towers Leadership Consulting?

TLC directly improves the bottom line by breaking down communication barriers that hinder productivity, assist with keeping your best employees, consult on ways to create an environment fueled by teamwork and energy, and identify and prepare future leaders to grow within your organization.
Understanding Yourself and Others: for Professional and Personal Success.

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To strengthen relationships, clarify purpose, and realize fulfillment by implementing professional training and coaching programs for Corporate America, and the people who work there.
With an accomplished 22-year career as an engineer in the corporate industry, Michele brings an extensive engineering background to her coaching approach. As the president and founder of Towers Leadership Consulting, Michele effectively and powerfully combines her engineering background with her innate ability to develop strong communication and leadership dynamics. Working with engineers to plan, design and build their careers, she now considers herself to be a “People Engineer”!

Michele’s direct yet light style of communication is refreshing. Believing that people are able to learn more when having fun, her training is designed to create an interactive and relaxed environment.

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