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Michele Towers

About Towers Leadership Consulting

With an accomplished 22-year career as an engineer in the corporate industry, Michele brings an extensive engineering background to her coaching approach. For ten years, Michele was a Facilities Engineer for Amoco Production Company and KN Energy, where she was responsible for the drilling and completion of oil and gas wells in northern Colorado, as well as the automation of gas processing systems. She also served as a Frequency Engineer for another ten years with Sprint-Nextel, where she was responsible for optimizing and designing frequency plans over a seven-state region. She even enjoyed a two-year term serving as a Gaseous Nitrogen Engineer for Martin Marietta, where she was involved in the design of the launch pad for the Titan IV Space Booster. Throughout Michele’s career, she served in a variety of capacities, from systems development, to regulatory compliance, to project management, and managed numerous multi-million dollar projects.

After retiring from her engineering career, Michele spent five years serving in director positions for two non-profit organizations. As the CU Boulder Director for Colorado MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement), Michele was responsible for the hiring, training and management of approximately 100 engineering students who worked as school mentors throughout the Denver area. Michele also served as a Volunteer Director with another non-profit organization, where she was responsible for training leaders, as well as recruiting and directing more than 150 volunteers.

As the president and founder of Strong Tower Coaching, Michele effectively and powerfully combines her engineering background with her innate ability to develop strong communication and leadership dynamics. Working with engineers to plan, design and build their careers, she now considers herself to be a “People Engineer”!

Along with her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, Michele is also a graduate of Coach U, Inc. She is also a certified facilitator for the Peoplemap™ and The Path™ training programs.

Michele’s direct yet light style of communication is refreshing. Believing that people are able to learn more when having fun, her training is designed to create an interactive and relaxed environment.

Danielle Shoots

About Danielle Shoots

Danielle’s extensive training in LEAN methodologies and financial leadership qualifies her to bring valuable knowledge and experience to the Towers Leadership Consulting team. Danielle has a vast amount of experience in the state, federal and private industries, providing training on developing budgets and managing expenditures. She is experienced in utilizing LEAN methodologies as the basis for leadership strategies and initiatives.

Tess Ruckard

About Tess Ruckard

Tess Ruckard's passion is designing training curriculums that equip people for success while making learning fun, especially for people with diverse learning styles. Tess’s experience in information technology, systems analysis and instructional design brings uniquely qualifies her for this project, as she is highly skilled at breaking down complex technical concepts into straightforward and practical information that is easy to understand.