Training Programs

We understand that achieving the bottom line can be negatively affected when personality conflicts, power struggles and communication problems get in the way.

Our simple-to-implement and interactive training programs are designed to quickly transform a disjointed work team into one that is founded on cooperation, respect and cohesiveness. When resistance and apathy set in, we have effectively assisted in breaking through barriers to complete the tasks at hand.

Here is a list of our training programs:

Mastering Conflict and Establishing Effective Communication

This interactive workshop provides you with simple but powerful techniques to avoid most conflict situations, and keep you moving toward accomplishing your goals. Learn why some people are easier for you to work with than others, and what you can do to make all of your work relations more effective.

This 80-page participant workbook is designed to provide specific tools and techniques to assist you in effectively dealing with and mastering workplace conflict. Aligned with the online or in-person training programs, this manual will guide you through the key principles of building effective communication with others.

Goals: How to Set and Achieve Them

“Goals: How to Set and Achieve Them” is designed to create self-awareness and an environment of personal responsibility, as well as skills to improve overall team performance. The training is challenging and interactive, causing the participants to be engaged in the program, and to become motivated to meet deadlines and expectations.

This 35-page participant workbook walks you through our proprietary system, “The Goals Road™: A 7-Step Method for Setting Goals and Getting Results”. Aligned with the digital or in-personal training program, this workbook encourages self-reflection to break down barriers that can get in the way of you reaching your goals.

High Impact Leadership: Guiding and Motivating Others to Success

This program provides you with simple but powerful techniques to help you to enhance your leadership skills, regardless of your title or position. Discover how to create positive impact for others, which in turn creates positive impact in your own professional and personal life.

This 89-page workbook is designed to accompany the digital and/or in-person training program. Full of coaching exercises, this manual challenges you to take the principles and skills learned and put them into action to enhance your leadership skills.

Understanding Yourself and Others

We each have a predominant personality style that drives how we are motivated and how we communicate with others. Learn how to tap into the secret of effectively relating to another’s “hard-wiring”, to skyrocket your team’s productivity and motivation.

From Learning, to Leadership, to Legacy

This group-coaching program is designed for the seasoned leader who wants to regain focus and direction. This unique day enables you to evaluate your past, present and future, become clear about who you are and what you stand for, and to establish a legacy for you and your department.

This 19-page supplemental workbook is designed for the seasoned leader. Filled with compelling coaching questions, it invites you to remember your past, appreciate your future, and plan in a way that will help you to leave a legacy.

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