Digital Online Courses

Towers Leadership Consulting offers the option of online courses for corporate trainees to learn and be trained on one of the many corporate coaching programs through audio and visual presentations.

Benefits of Online Courses

  • Engage participants through the use of video, audio, slides and interactive options
  • Online courses can be re-broadcast as on-demand versions, thus enabling knowledge-sharing and optimum utilization of interesting content
  • User-friendly for participants: no travel or accommodation costs involved, and online courses can be searched and referred to for specific content afterwards
  • An online course can be viewed on a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone
  • ‘Green’ communications tool: by reducing travel for both presenters and participants, online courses are an environmentally friendly option
  • An online course is an innovative – and hence appealing – way of communicating.


Types of Online Courses

  • The Peoplemap™ System
  • Goal Setting
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership

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